Individual Counselling

Are you experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety? Struggling to juggle the stress in your life or trying to understand yourself on a deeper level? Feeling stuck and wanting to make a change in your life or relationships? Individual counselling can provide the support you need to work towards your personal goals. We work with a variety of mental health and relational concerns.

Areas of Specialization Include:
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Stress Management
- Life Transitions
- Infertility & Pregnancy Loss
- Post-partum Mood Disorders
- Mindfulness Skills Training
- Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
- Single-Incident Trauma & Acute-Stress Disorder Childhood Abuse/Neglect
- Dissociative Disorders
- Substance Use & Addiction
- Grief & Loss

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Child & Family Counselling

Are you concerned about your child’s behaviour, school performance, or emotional health and wellbeing? Do you feel lost or hopeless about how to deal with your child’s puzzling or upsetting behaviour? Do you have questions about how to handle a difficult situation in the family, and wonder about the impact on your child? Child and family counselling can provide the support your family needs in growing through times of difficulty or major life transitions.

My areas of focus include:
- Life Transitions (e.g. New Sibling)
- Attachment Disorders
- School & Separation Anxiety
- Separation & Divorce
- Aggression & Peer-Related Concerns
- Trauma & Abuse
- Grief & Loss
- Parent/Caregiver Mental Health & Substance Use

Play and expressive techniques are the most effective way of working with children aged three to eleven. Children do not communicate in the same way as adults. While adults often find relief in talking through their difficulties, children primarily communicate through play. The younger the child the more they use symbolic play, rather than words, to communicate and process their perceptions, experiences and emotions. After an initial meeting with parent(s) or caregiver(s), counselling is conducted either with parent and child together, or the child individually, as best suited to the situation. On-going support is provided to the parents through scheduled check-ins, and one-to-one consultation as recommended.

Impact and benefits for the child can include:
- Increased internal awareness and understanding of perceptions and emotions
- Learning to express their internal experiences in a healthy way
- Developing self-direction and self-control
- Increased self-esteem
- Using more adaptive ways of coping with life stressors
- Processing trauma or other internal barriers to access and increase internal resilience, change, and growth

Impact and benefits for parents and/or caregivers can include:
- Gaining a deeper understanding of issues underlying the child’s maladaptive behaviour
- Finding effective strategies for supporting the child between sessions and in the home
- Increased knowledge of how to communicate with the child about challenging issues
- Developing a stronger bond with the child
- Feeling empowered and supported during times of crisis, stress, or major transitions in the family

Couples Counselling

Research indicates that couple’s often wait about 5 years too long to seek professional support in addressing issues in their relationship. Often at least one party has fears or concerns about entering counselling, such as being judged, blamed or criticized for problems in the relationship. We understand how hard it can be to make this step, but have seen how effective therapeutic intervention can be, whether your challenges have been persistent and perpetual, or you are seeking skills and tools to deepen your relationship.

We employ evidence-based assessments and interventions from the Gottman Couple’s Therapy Method, as well as emotion-focused couple’s therapy.

Impacts and benefits of couple’s counselling can include:
- Increased sense of friendship and intimacy
- Improved communication
- Increased ability to constructively manage conflict
- Increased feelings of support and understanding within the relationship
- Greater emotional awareness within the relationship
- Increased sexual satisfaction

Gottman Approved Member

Consultation & Education

Professional Consultation

Are you a counsellor or other mental health professional looking for someone to walk along-side and encourage your growth in the field? Feeling stuck, frustrated or alone in the profession? Looking for professional consultation that also encourages personal reflection and growth?

We understand how important it is to feel supported as a clinician in the field of counselling, especially as a developing or emerging professional. I am pleased to have provided clinical supervision to Masters-level counselling students over the past few years and supporting the personal and professional growth of my colleagues. I believe that our professional abilities in this field are strongly correlated with our own journey of personal growth and healing, which is why I am passionate about offering consultation services to other counsellors and emerging professionals.

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing these services further or booking an appointment.

Upcoming workshops:

Currently there are no scheduled upcoming workshops.

I am available to provide community education and workshops.

Topics include:
- Mindfulness and Stress Management
- Communication Skills
- Substance Use
- Attachment & Parenting

Please contact us if you are interested in booking a workshop at your event or venue.

Previous Community Workshops, Groups & Education Include:

- Help Them Stay Safe: What Parents of Teens Need to Know Click Here For Details
- Let’s Talk Substance Use (High School & Elementary School Versions)
- Youth and Substance Use: What Can Parents Do? ‘in the know’ in the know’
- Trauma & Treatment: AnOverview
- CPRT(Child-ParentRelationshipTraining)
- Achieving Balance Through Self-Awareness
- Skills Building for Trauma Recovery